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Immigration is an ongoing challenge for every global company. It demands a multifaceted response that includes customised strategic programmes and superb execution from the immigration firm and the company itself. 

This is where FTB Ltd comes in.

At FTB Ltd, we provide excellent immigration outsourcing solutions including dedicated immigration support staff on-site or remotely in one of our offices on an as-needed or more permanent basis. These professionals fully understand immigration law and provide programme management services from processing to reporting to compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsource immigration services offer companies the opportunity to recruit outsourced migrant workers to their company, while not having to worry about immigration law and other important factors – the immigration consultant will handle these themselves and the migrant worker will be employed by us, FTB Limited.
We can provide you with on-site construction workers and/or labourers that are also migrant workers, efficiently helping your project run as smoothly as possible.
You can save up to 50% on costs if you utilise migrant workers from overseas. When you choose FTB Ltd for our immigration services, you can expect high quality immigration outsourcing solutions, including no limit on the number of migrant workers that you can recruit due to our high volume accreditation.
At FTB Ltd, we aim to make the transition easy and smooth for both our clients and our migrant workers. This means that we manage everything from housing to transport when it comes to migrant workers under our care, which is all included in our management fee.

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