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Drainage Services

Drainage Services

We do Civil, Commercial and Private works and specialise in Subdivisions and over the years have Subcontracted to Major Civil Contractors whom have approved our works of a high standard within the field. With over 40 years experience as a Certified Registered Drainlayer allows us the advantage to enter into any Council Main Lines. We are also registered members of the Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board and renewed annually and active. We also hold the necessary tickets such as Health and Safety, Confined Space and others for all Drainage Works. We lay Manholes benched and plastered to finish, we lay Cesspits and Pipes from 100mm to 1050mm Sewer Lines and 225 diameter to 1800 diameter Stormwater Lines. We have a very experienced team with full knowledge of all drainage works. With our expertise we are able to determine any works from obtaining the Drainage Plans to start and finish, Materials, Plant Hire and Time Frames, Inspections and Passed to Council Specifications. We will never disappoint our Clients and always deliver.

Available for 24/7 Emergency Services

Drainage for New Builds

We can design and build a drainage system for your new build, making the property functional and inhabitable.

Residential Drainage Installations

Remove excess water from your home and safeguard your home against water damage with an effective drainage system, installed by the team at FTB Limited.

Stormwater and Sewer

From sewer and stormwater installation to repair and maintenance, you can count on FTB Limited.

Surface Water Problems

Our team can implement a healthy surface water ecosystem that combats surface water problems.

Watermain Repairs

Ensure that you always have access to safe water with our watermain repairs, fixing issues like leaks and blockages.

Drainage for New Builds

When you have a new build on your hands, it is important to consider the installation and maintenance of an appropriate drainage system. This is where FTB Limited comes in.

Our team of professionals are more than capable of handling the design and implementation of drainage systems for new builds. With potential challenges such as existing pipes and flow of water to consider, you can rely on us for your drainage needs.

Having an effective drainage system is essential for making your new build functional and livable.

Residential Drainage Installations

An appropriate drainage network within your home is key to ensuring that you, your family, and your home are protected from water damage. We can expertly install drainage systems within residential properties, allowing you to have access to safe and free flowing water at all times.

With a residential drainage system, you can successfully prevent possible flooding and structural damage to your home.

Waterstorm & Sewer

We can assist with stormwater and sewer management, including installations, maintenance, and repairs. With proper stormwater and sewer management, you can help massively improve public health, maintaining healthy rivers and streams.

Stormwater and sewage are hazards to public health, with pollutants such as pesticides, oil, fertilisers, and more contaminating the water. As a result, it is crucial that there is adequate drainage systems in place that control runoff water.

Surface Water Problems

Surface water is critical for both mundane and agricultural purposes, supporting numerous uses such as drinking water, recreation, irrigation, and more. This means that maintaining a healthy surface water ecosystem is a must – and at FTB Limited, we can help do exactly this.

With our surface water drainage solutions, we can help you reduce the risk of contaminated water affecting plants and animals, as well as the likelihood of flooding. This also allows the storage of water, using natural resources to filter the water before it is released back into the ground or other source.

Watermain Repairs

Leaks or other problems in your watermain can be detrimental to your property. This can cause excessive (and expensive) damage if not attended to. Such problems include sinkholes and potholes, cracked flooring, development of mould and damp, and more. These pose serious risks to the health and safety of any persons within the building.

With our watermain repairs, we can identify and fix the problem in no time, making sure that your property continues to have access to safe water. We also provide a 24/7 emergency service should you require urgent drainage assistance.

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